Monday, September 23, 2013

A weekend in 16 pictures.

1). We finished the dig on Friday.

2). I drove the trusty Ford Focus west.

3). There are no saguaros in California.

4). I have not seen LaGrand since about 2006.

5). We played in his pool in Palm Springs.

6). There are a lot of palm trees in Palm Springs.

7). On Saturday morning we went on a hike with his dog LeLe.

8). The canyon was glamorous.

9). LeLe likes her toys.

10). And she adores LeGrand.

11). We sat around and talked and talked. It was really relaxing.

12). That night I came across Mamie Van Doren's star.

13. On Sunday morning we went to the Coachella Preserve and saw the palms in the oasis.

14). They were beautiful and LeGrand was handsome.

15). I drove east with a dirty windshield.

16). As the desert whizzed by I realized I need to have more adventures.

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