Monday, November 04, 2013

After the kitchen was painted, I spent hours cleaning and then baking for the All Souls Procession Party 2013.

I made tombstone cookies and this year I had two new people to add- Carl and David Beebe. It makes me pause and think about the frailty of human life.

I remember.

I made an altar, using many photographs I have purchased on Ebay of people from my hometown. A few personal items were added, and then a dozen red roses and a dozen gladiolae in yellow and white.


I drove over and picked Nick up and we applied our makeup and got dressed.

Nick and Homer.

I had special out-of-town guests including Sylvia, who brought me her childhood Blue Willow tea set, which is adorable, and Ms. Jerryll.

Sylvia and Jerryll.

And of course it wouldn't be a party without some handsome bloggers.

Geoffrey and Michael.

Mitch and Sagan arrived and I showed him how to apply makeup. Not that I am an expert.

Sagan and Mitch.

Doug applied stuff to his hair and goatee and now he knows what he will look like when he reaches my age.


People were at the make-up table right to the end.

Nick, David, and Eric.

Richard asked me to pose next to the altar and I grabbed Grandpa F's banjo.
Photo by Richard Whitmer.

At 5:30 I ordered everyone outside and a group photo was taken.

Procession attendees.

We walked down Congress and I handed out the gladiola to various women. One told me, "You just made my day!". When we reached Congress and Alameda, we sat for about 45 minutes, talking.


It was nice to catch up with friends.


The elaborate makeup designs of many participants made me realize I need to practice next year.

A beautiful family.

In the distance we could hear the drums.


We walked over to Alameda Street and the procession arrived. The Urn passed by, filled with hopes and dreams and messages to loved ones who have died.


And then my camera batteries died too. There are so many people now that it is impossible to see friends along the route, not like even five years ago. I skipped the finale ceremony and came home and started to clean up, luckily not a hard task to do. In a week my mother arrives for the winter and I will have a different life for a while.

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