Sunday, November 17, 2013

The last two weeks have been busy-busy-busy.

My kitchen looks very spiffy. I put up a bunch of plates on the wall, my skills at getting them level are apparently minimal.


I made Brussel sprouts for the first time. In this blurry photograph you can see them. As they were cooking Buddy was lying next to me and I kept telling him to stop making smells and then I realized it was the sprouts. Not sure if I will make them again.

Roasted with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Out at the old Fort site they are busy stabilizing the ruins, plastering them. 


Mother arrived safely on the 11th. At 81.5 she is showing her age, tottering around unsteady and disrupting my routines so that sometimes I have to tell myself, "just relax."  

Supper at Rosa's.

On Wednesday I had to go up to Phoenix to work for three days, doing some specialized excavation. The project is below a street next to a place where homeless people are fed. There are a lot of different people with different problems. I was lucky and didn't find a crack pipe.

Pit structure entrance and floor, sometime between A.D. 700 and 900.

Allen was nearby excavating a pair of pit structure fragments. We heard him call out excitedly when he found a fancy projectile point.


It really was a remarkable point.


I got to work with Oslynn. We were roommates back in 1990-1991 and it was great to catch up.

Oslynn and Homer.

And now I am back home dealing with Mother problems. She complains that I do not treat her like an adult. There is, of course, a very easy solution to that problem.

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