Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Honestly, I have been dreading the holidays. It all seemed to be rote- get a tree, make some cards, buy some presents, put up some lights.

Mummy's tree and presents.

I made some more snowman cards. I am creative.


Doug came over and we opened presents. Then I dressed up and went over to Richard's house for his annual party, taking some vanilla meringues with me.

Richard's 12-foot-tall tree.

I was over-dressed and hot, so I went outside and made some artsy light photos.


I ate a little cookie covered in powdered sugar and it got on my vest.


I got nice presents- a Lincoln Log set, a pair of Smokey Bear salt and pepper shakers, and a vintage blue plate.


We opened the Lincoln Logs and just as the comments on Amazon suggested, the number of small pieces vastly outnumbered the larger ones. Weird. 

Smokey and Smokey.

I have alternated between being sad and lonely, and having an alright time. At the moment, cheesey cauliflower and gluten-free stuffing is re-heating in the oven for supper (we always eat fancy lunch on Holiday).

Now two days off, then the weekend. Have to think of something interesting to do.

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