Sunday, December 08, 2013

It turned cold and rained. Buddy had to come inside and sleep in my bedroom. He snored.


I guess winter is here. Mummy has so far not complained about how cold it is. The electric heater in the living room pumps out a lot of heat. Can't wait for the electric bill.

I invited Doug, Dan, and Cathy over for supper and tree decorating. I bought a new vest and was dressed up. I served vegetarian shepherd's pie, asparagus, a Caprise salad, and a grapefruit meringue pie. Everything was delicious. Also made butter pecan Chex mix, which my mother really enjoyed.


An eight-foot-tall tree from Home Depot for $64. I believe this is the first year my mother did not comment about how trees were free on the farm.


I bought one new ornament- a Virgin of Guadalupe. 

Dan, Cathy, and Doug.

With four people, decorating went fast. My mother watched.

Holiday tree.


Doug bought my mother some lights and she decorated her own tree.

Mummy's tree and toys.

She had a nice time at the dinner party.

Joey and Mummy.

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