Thursday, January 16, 2014

So Arizona state Representative Steve Yarbrough wants to pass a law that would allow religious people to discriminate against gay people.

I sent him the following email:

Dear Mr. Yarbrough,

In regards to your bill that would allow people to refuse service to gay folks due to their religious views. I would ask that as part of your bill you would require these businesses to prominently display a large sign stating which groups of people they would refuse service to.

As a gay man, I really would hate to bother a fundamentalist Christian or Mormon or even a Muslim business owner by walking into their place of business. I'm certain that even looking or talking to me, a 50-year-old homosexual, would violate their religious beliefs. What if I accidentally shook their hands and they touched a gay person without realizing it?

You or your staff member reading this are probably grossed out by the fact that a Homosexual sent you an email. I suggest that your next bill will be one preventing LGBT people from contacting their elected officials.

And as a side note, I wonder how much time and money the State of Arizona will spend defending this unconstitutional law. Because the Federal Constitution clearly states that everyone is supposed to be treated equally.



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