Monday, January 13, 2014

Last Thursday I went to the dentist to get a crown. Two hours work, mostly not painful. Temporary crown is in place and slightly elevated so I cannot close the right side of my mouth correctly. $490 total, I think.

A good impression.

On Saturday morning I loaded mother into the car and drove north to Steam Pump Ranch, where I gave a talk to a standing room only crowd. We had to walk a ways to get to the restored ranch house. My mother's walking skills have declined- she staggers around, seemingly off balance. Awfully slow. I've noticed that in the house, outdoors it is worse. Several times I have had to grab her to keep her from falling over. If something else catches her attention, she seems to lose control of her feet. This whole aging business- pretty depressing to see up close.

After the talk and a stagger through the farmer's market we went to the Presidio Park and visited with the living history folks. My mother chatted with the women she has met before and had a good time. I tried on a pair of reproduction glasses and have decided my next new pair will have round frames.

Homer Roosevelt in blue.

On Sunday I went and visited David and picked some oranges off his tree. Later I made marmalade, which is really very easy- just thinly sliced oranges, sugar, boil until it reaches 220 degrees, can.

Orange Marmalade.

When we were at the library last week I saw a painting I really liked. I hardly ever buy things for myself, but I really, really liked this painting. So I bought it.

Toast by Mary Teresa Dietz.

I probably shouldn't be buying luxury items when work has slowed down so much. But what is the point of living unless you enjoy life. I am going to hang it above my desk at home so I can look at it every day.

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