Sunday, January 05, 2014

Let's make Homer's Spanish rice. First clean the stove top because Mummy has spilled coffee and other stuff everywhere and never, ever thinks to wipe up the mess. Then slice a leek, half an onion, some miniature red and yellow peppers, and a Mexican squash up and saute in some olive oil.

Squash has not been put in yet.

When those pretty vegetables have softened, add these canned products. I drain the black beans first. Sneak some of "that stuff" (spices) in when Mummy isn't looking. She hates spices and herbs, like many Midwesterners of her generation raised in households with bland boiled foods.


While this is going on, cook one cup of Jasmine rice in 1.5 cups water.


When the rice is cooked, place in with other ingredients. Finish off with some shredded cheese.

Homer's blurry Spanish Rice.

Quick, easy, nutritious, and tasty.

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