Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Some Civil Rights facts about Arizona:

1). Between 1865 and 1956 it was illegal in Arizona for people of different races to marry. 

2). From 1912 into the 1950s, schools were racially segregated. 

3). Native Americans were not allowed to vote in Arizona until 1948. 

4). Sodomy laws were finally repealed in 2001.

5). The 2006 anti-gay marriage amendment was voted down. The 2008 anti-marriage amendment passed after heavy advertising by the LDS and Catholic churches.

These are just some of the state-level civil rights problems we have had. 

In 1976, a young man named Richard Heakin was beaten to death outside a Tucson gay bar by four teenagers and the judge let them off on probation because they had only killed a homosexual, not somebody who deserved to live. 

There is a lot of hate and fear among white, religious people in this state. White people will soon be a minority. Young people have little tolerance for hate towards other people. Values have changed, but for many people the values they developed in the 1950s or 1960s have stuck and they find change repellent. 

I have to admit, the last week or so has at times made me so discouraged. The blatant lies and the underlying hatred exposed, just makes me sad. On the other hand, the nation-wide outcry- something that would not have happened even five years ago, gives me hope that someday I will have the same civil rights as the people who want me to not have them.

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