Friday, February 21, 2014

How not to have a protest. Tucson's LGBT center WINGSPAN used to be run by an excellent staff, used to actually do things. Under the current director long-time staff members have been fired or quit, they flubbed the collection of signatures to repeal the anti-gay marriage amendment. The place is invisible.

They organized a last minute protest of SB 1072. Their website announced the protest while not providing clear directions as to where it was being held. It started at 4:00 PM, marching from their headquarters to the Arizona State Office Building. When I found out where they were at, I left my house at 5:10 to get there. As I drove up, the marchers were already leaving.

There were the news cameras waiting to cover the event, and the marchers were walking away. And then there was the biggest sign being carried:


Ohmigod. What a fiasco. What is ironic is that WINGSPAN has two staff members who work on anti-violence programs. 

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