Monday, April 28, 2014

Fastest way to become completely, utterly dead to me is to call me a liar.

Liars and thiefs- the lowest of the low in my opinion.

I don't steal things. I don't lie. It is just better to say nothing than to lie.

Recently, some so-called leaders of the gay community decided to write this letter stating that people should not be punished for their wicked, anti-gay views. Including rich white straight men who can afford to give$1,000 to anti-gay groups so that said groups can run ads suggesting that gay people are child rapists (like happened here in 2008).

I was pretty ambivalent about the whole Eich thing. I didn't have any say as to whether this rich, white, straight Mormon kept his job at Mozilla. He was pressured by his straight employees, who amazingly enough did not want some asshole running their company, and he resigned.

I guess the conservative gays are all in a twitter about this. The guy gave a $1,000 and hasn't changed his views in six years that gay people are so horrible they shouldn't be allowed to marry, but hey, he should keep that pricey-paying job, because....

After the kapos signed that petition, my views on the subject changed. I want conservative assholes to be too scared to donate money to anti-gay causes. I hope NOM's campaign donors are exposed and we hound those fuckers. If you are going to donate money to anti-gay groups, you deserve to suffer the motherfucking consequences.

I still live in a state where same sex marriage is illegal, where same sex marriages from out-of-state are not considered legal, and where people can be fired from their jobs and kicked out of rental housing in many places because of assholes like Eich.

I stopped reading Andrew Sullivan's blog because of this, and honestly, I can't say I miss it. I removed another blog from my links because the authors signed that petition and one of the authors implied I lied about something. Not interesting in being accused of being a liar.

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