Saturday, August 16, 2014

I forgot to take photos last weekend but here is a delicious Indian food lunch.

I streetcarred-biked (bike=48 miles) to work four days this week. Also hiked Tumamoc Hill with Steve on Thursday morning (3.1 miles). I was so exhausted I fell asleep at 7 PM last night.

It has been rainy, on Thursday especially. But I have not gotten soaked yet.

Rillito full of water.

Also on Thursday I bought a new helmet and a smaller tire pump.

New helmet.

The monsoons finally seem to be here for real. The clouds get very dramatic in the afternoon. It rains in various places, although only once at my house in the last couple of weeks.

Catalina Mountains.

It takes me about 25 extra minutes to commute to work via the streetcar-bike. I don't really mind. I have run into people I know on the streetcar. Biking goes by fast, although the ride back up Mountain Avenue is uphill and my legs get tired.

4th Avenue Streetcar stop mosaic.

Last night the sky was very dramatic. 

To the northeast.

This morning (Saturday) I got up early and went hiking up Tumamoc with Steve. I struggled towards the top, breathing hard. I came back and developed a mean headache. It finally went away and I went over to the streetcar and down to 4th Avenue. Stopped at IBTS for a gin and tonic, then to a vintage store and bought a black bow tie (a real one, not a clip on), and then to the Bookstop, where I purchased some books with a gift certificate that I got at a charity auction. Stopped at the bakery at the Mercado and got a piece of Tres Leches Cake (caramel). YUMMM.

Now at home and what to do?

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