Monday, August 11, 2014

Some random things.

I rescued this little fish-hook cactus from being bull-dozed and it surprised me by blooming.

Fish hook cactus.

When I was probably 12 I got the Big Jim Camper for a Christmas present. I wonder what happened to it?


A pair of hawks hang outside my window at work. Today one chased a squirrel around until the squirrel decided to chase it around.


I rode the streetcar four times last week, biking about 42 or 43 miles to and from work. 

Commuting. Notice the red beard behind me.

I buzzed the hair off a couple of weeks ago and then decided to trim the beard. As more of it goes gray, it becomes a curly, unmanageable mess.


Went up and hung out with Craig and Jesse on Saturday, we had excellent Indian food and that night we went to Brian's 45th birthday party. Very expensive drinks with very little alcohol in them. That was a surprise.

17 days until I board the aluminum tube of death and go see Forrest and Travis in North Carolina. Can't wait to see them.

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