Wednesday, August 27, 2014

We are having a real monsoon this year. We haven't had one in years. It thunderstorms, there is a lot of rain, it has been unusually cool.

Buddy still gets in his wading pool to cool off. He likes the patch of grass Doug planted in the backyard.


Last week because of the rain I only rode the bike once. This week, twice. On Monday as I went up Mountain Avenue I saw an antique chair poking out of the bulky trash pile. I got to work and told Val, who has an antique stall, and we went and picked it up.It turned out to be a rocking chair.

Rocking chair.

I don't know much about furniture styles. So I posted a picture on Facebook and several people identified it as Eastlake Style, circa 1870-1890. Factory made, mid-range price.

It is missing two pieces, one on the side that can be duplicated in reverse and one along the bottom front. There is also some dog chewing along the front side. But otherwise it is in pretty good shape. Doug is going to make the side missing piece for Val.

Then yesterday it rained real hard at work. I heard this strange noise outside and looked over the fence and discovered the nearby wash was overflowing into the neighbor's yard. There was about six inches by  the time I left work.


I left work at 4:20 and the Rillito was flowing pretty vigorously. Storm drains were discharging a lot of water into it. As I biked up to the Campbell Avenue underpass, water was flowing across the path. I decided to go up and over instead.


The streetcar was just starting running again. A lightning strike had set a palm tree on fire on campus, and the firetrucks had blocked the tracks. And then water washed a lot of gravel onto the tracks and they had to clean that off because they did not want the streetcar to derail.

The Fare Enforcement officer told me that 5,000 people rode the streetcar on Monday, the first day of University of Arizona classes. I hope the ridership continues to be high so we can extend the lines.

And tomorrow I am off to visit with Forrest and Travis. So excited to get away and escape Tucson. I never recline my airplane seat, in case you are wondering, and hate it when the person in front of me does.

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