Thursday, September 11, 2014

I took the longest vacation I've taken since 1998. Eleven days off exploring North Carolina and George with Forrest and Travis. As usual, flying is a nightmare of stupid people and it seems that planes really hit the ground hard when they land.

I got to the Charlotte Airport and waited four hours for Forrest to arrive. We then drove to the River's Edge campground in Georgia and set up tent. It was hot and humid. We rarely wore shirts.

We are both tired.

Forrest is smart and has a cushy blow-up mattress for his tent and I slept really well that first night.


On Friday, friends started to appear- Casey and Justin, John and Brandon, Steve and Michael. It was nice seeing the guys I met last year and meeting new folks.

We waited for Travis to arrive, which he did at about 11:00 that night.

Lights outside John and Brandon's trailer.

Saturday was spent playing in the pool. 

Lots of drinks.

Later that night, Travis, Brandon, and I went to listen to Tom Goss perform. It was so nice to see him and we were impressed by some new techniques he is using.


That night it rained like crazy. My tent partly filled with water. It was unpleasant.

The next night we went to a theme party.

The trio.

I hung out with young Michael. I liked his beard.

Michael and Homer.

I admired the last summer flowers blooming.


On Monday, we returned to North Carolina to the estate where Forrest, Travis, and Colin sojourn. They demanded that I go out hiking late at night.

Late at night.

Eventually it started to rain and I became soaked.

Homer and Forrest.

In the morning the fog hung over the valley. Often I lay in bed lazing about. I read two and a third books.

Foggy morning.

On Tuesday, Travis and I journeyed about, stopping in Boone for Pizza.

Kissing bears.

He took me to the original Mast Store. It is good that I had no space in my carry-on because there were many things I admired.

Mast store.

I was good at telling Travis "No!" when he wanted to buy things.


Outside, a garden had many beautiful flowers.


I demanded that Travis pose with me.

Travis wears his new hat.

We stopped briefly at the Cone estate and I admired the architectural flourishes.

Corinthian column.

On Saturday we went to a restaurant and I enjoyed the eggplant sandwich and onion rings.

Uncle Joe's.

We traveled to visit Paul and Whitney and I got to see Duker, who gave me a big smooch.


We took a hike and visited a waterfall.


It was nice to visit with Paul. 

Forrest, Whitney, Paul, Duker, and Travis.

That night another night hike.


We wandered about. I would have gotten lost.

The explorers.

On Monday, Travis and I went to Waynesville to visit with Charles. It was nice to see him again.

Charles, me, and Travis.

Colin took me to the airport and we stopped at Miguel's nearby. The food is delicious there.


Now I am back in Tucson and I think I have a cold.

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