Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Version 51.0.

On my 51st birthday I:

- slept in a little.
- dressed up.
- went and got my hair and beard cut by barber Cody at the new Swank Barber Shop on 4th Avenue.
- had a Carmelo's Caprese sandwich for lunch.
- worked on signs at the office.
- bought my Mother's plane ticket (Nov 17 to Apr 17 this year).
- talked with Forrest, Travis, and Steve on the phone.
- had over 220 people tell me Happy Birthday on Facebook.
- had leftover chili for supper.
- just took a Benadryl trying to stave off cat-induced eye allergies.

A good start to what is going to be an excellent year. I'm pretty much over the tragic events of 2013 and looking forward to the adventures this coming year will bring.

51st Birthday Selfie.

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