Monday, October 06, 2014

The bobcat walks by my window every afternoon at work.

I tap on the window and it stops to look at me, then keeps going.

Thursday night I stopped at the Farmer's Market and bought apples and Hatch chilies. I found a recipe for pie that included both and made everything from scratch.

Apple-Hatch Chili Pie.

I drove up to Phoenix to hang out with Craig and Jesse and we got in the vehicle and drove north to see the changing leaves in Flagstaff.

Chopper sat in the backseat with me.

The aspens are turning yellow and the temperature was perfect, in the low 70s and dropping. 


We had a nice time. 

Homer, Jesse, Craig, and Chopper.

We had supper at Burrito Fiesta. I had the veggie burrito enchilada style, which I always got back in the day. It was really good.

Mexican food.

First time back in Flagstaff since the Event happened. No bad feelings surfaced. I guess that time period is over and done with.

And then I get up this morning and the Supreme Court has legalized same sex marriage in 11 more states. WTF! Times are a changing!

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