Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Every once in a while I have The Class Dream. I am in college and it is the end of the semester and I suddenly realize I forgot to drop a math class that I never went to. I will get an E and I won't be able to graduate. A terrible feeling of dread envelopes me.

And then I wake up and I cannot shake that feeling. Anxiousness, my heart pounding in my chest. I have to lie there and think, think, think. I have not been in school since I got my Master's Degree in 1992. Remember that, it was only a dream.

Just typing this makes me anxious.

My other recurring dream is the Hurry, Hurry! Dream in which I try to get people to leave a burning building. And of course people are dawdling, wondering whether they should get their cell phone or purse. Wondering why they should move faster out of the building. This dream became a regular nightmare after 9/11 when I read that so many people died because they were unable to process the fact that either the building they were in was burning up or that the building next to them was burning with people jumping out. I realize that under very unusual, stressful circumstances many people are unable to think rationally. My mother is a good example of that. She would never, ever dream of calling 9-1-1 because that is embarrassing or shameful. Luckily I seem to have a lot of common sense.

Anyways, so I wake up scared out of my mind and can't go back to sleep. And I've been having the two dreams a lot recently due to some stress I have been having in real life. What fun.

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