Wednesday, December 03, 2014

So Facebook is a great tool to discover which of your acquaintances are racist scum. Last week, after the grand jury decision in Ferguson, I had to delete three gay men who I have never met in person. They were blabbering on and on about "thugs," the new code work for young African-American men. One of the three debated me and claimed he was not racist. Bull fucking shit.

A day or two later, a former archaeologist who now works as a police officer in Phoenix posted an image praising the death of Michael Brown. He deserved to die. I sent Cathy an email asking her why she would post such a vile image. Her response was something like, "I have freedom of speech, if you don't like what I have to say, defriend me."

Which I did. I have absolutely no tolerance for racist crap. The fact that Cathy is a police officer and had the gall to post racist garbage astounds me.

The Maricopa County and Phoenix police department are tainted by institutional racism. Maricopa County has spent millions in fines and payments due to race-based persecution. Seems like the department needs to do some sensitivity training for its employees.

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