Sunday, December 07, 2014

I drove the trusty Ford Focus north to Jesse and Craig's House. We went to Thai food for supper.


Afterward we played games with Scott, Curtis, and Brad. 

I had brought along my box of crafting goodness and we spent several hours working on Holiday cards.

Craig sniffing Elmer's glue.

Jesse was very concerned about the glitter and so I did not use the sprinkle glitter, which would have coated every surface. Even the glitter pen caused a few errant glitter flecks to appear.

Blurry Jesse

I tried to do new themes this year and I ordered Jesse and Craig to make cards with a snowman theme. It was a fun time.

Some cards.

The Craig and Jesse card I made is upper left.

I took a nap, picked some Meyer lemons, and got in my trusty Ford Focus. At the 5-point intersection at Dunlap and Cave Creek I followed cars through the green light and a black truck magically appeared and ran into me.

I then was magically given the ticket ($211) and get to pay a $500 deductible to get the trusty Ford Focus back into minty green condition. The rear door is jammed shut (although the car insists it is ajar instead of a door).


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