Monday, March 02, 2015

On Thursday I went to work and around noon mother called and told me she had thrown up and I told her to call her doctor. Around 2:00 Doug texted me to tell me she was throwing up and I had to finish up a volunteer project I was coordinating, so didn't get home until a little before 4:00 PM. I walked in and learned she had been throwing up since 8:00 AM. So we went to the emergency room and then she kept throwing up and they admitted her. Turned out her gall bladder was severely infected so it was removed yesterday.

 She is recovering at the hospital, very weak and sore. I am waiting to find out how long she will be there, then my sister is coming to help her out at home while I am at work. She will probably be going back to Michigan with her, since Mother isn't able to take care of herself anymore.

This morning she said that growing old was "for the birds." I told her the alternative was worse and she said it would only be worse for other people, not for her. Depressing.

It is a cold and rainy night here in Tucson. The house is quiet and the cats are wandering around, looking at me to entertain them. Life goes forward, steadily. I hope that someday I somehow escape the health problems my mother has endured. But you certainly cannot foresee the future.

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