Friday, March 27, 2015

Sometimes it is just fun to dress up.

I do it a lot more than I used to. Patrick gave me some hand-me-downs last year and the dress shirts look better with a tie and vest.

Bowtie Thursday.

I have been buying clothing from the Gentleman's Emporium, including a bowler. Last Sunday I docented for the Presidio Trust for a few hours and afterward went to Rosa's for lunch by myself. I caught this older man staring at me in puzzlement. As he was leaving he made a point of turning to look at me again. I guess he has never seen an 1890s dandy before. 

Docent Sunday.

One problem with clothes shopping- my long monkey arms and torso. I have to buy Tall long sleeve shirts and they are harder to find, more expensive, and fewer styles are available. If I was rich I'd buy tailored shirts, but unfortunately I am very much middle class.

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