Monday, March 30, 2015

The Annual Non-Denomination Egg Decorating and Backyard Egg Hunt Party.

Food: Pineapple-Mandarin Orange Upside-down Cake, Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting, Cheesecake with Strawberry topping, potato salad, three bean salad, and chips and salsa. A guest brought a lemon-lavender cake that was really, really good.

Pineapple-Mandarin Orange Upside-down Cake.

I had purchased the contents of the baskets for the top three and the children when my mother was here.

Jesse and Craig were the first guests to arrive! It was Craig's birthday.

Jesse, Craig, Kyle, Abel, and Kyle.

I boiled 90+ eggs.

Patrick, Milo, Nathan, and Mary decorating eggs.

I wore my favorite tee-shirt.

Jesse and Homer.

The artists were artistic.


Chris shows her skills.

Pabli's first egg.

At 4:00 PM the guests assembled. Many were unable to hunt for eggs because of back, neck, shoulder, and hemmoroid problems.

The guests.

People ran around and apparently collected all the plastic eggs (there are probably 400).

Allen and Nathan.


The winners: Kris (196 points), Abel (173 points), and Pabli (160 points).

They were excited with the basket contents.

Afterward, we hung out and chatted and the drinks I had caught up to me.

Ray, Frank, Alex, Craig, and Jesse.

Patrick, as always, made beautiful eggs.


Today I took leftover cake and boiled eggs to work. Reminder for next year- only two cakes and no three bean salad.

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