Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I've been following the Duggar molestation story. This family has always seemed creepy to me. I've never seen the reality show that the family stars in (I don't have fancy cable). But I've read about the family's treatment of women as vaginas, the anti LGBT crap the parents and their son Josh have spouted. These have suggested to me that there wasn't something quite right with them.

If you had asked me I would have thought it would be the father that sexually abused the daughters. It would not have occurred to me that the brother would be doing it, but then I am naive about these sort of things. Josh Duggar had been a rising star among the fundamentalists, working for the Family Research Council, speaking at the March 2015 anti-gay marriage rally in Washington, D.C.  Of course, now the fundies are all scrubbing their websites of mentions of him and the rest of his family (although the NOM website still mentions the family five times).

What is really weird is to see the fundamentalist Christian response to the sexual molestation. On the family's Facebook page and the TLC network Facebook page, there are literally hundreds of people demanding that the reality show be put back on. Josh has confessed and repented, so the show should be on the air again. The molested girls? They are either ignored or it is claimed that they forgave their brother, therefore the show should be aired again.

Some sample comments:

Julie Anna Allen: I dont understand why the devil attacks those who are on God's road but he attacking your family hard right now. Praying for you guys.

Beverly Hope Ruttschaw: It makes sense that the only wholesome family on TV would be under attack by satan.

Joan Barto: Full support and prayers for your family!! No-one is immune.to scandal ...we all make mistakes!! Unfortunately you have people who want to.see you fail....I remain a dedicated Duggar fan and look forward to the joy you all bring to my life with your show. 

Debbi Utter Howard: I support your family. My heart especially goes out to Josh & Anna right now. I wish he hadn't resigned his position with FRC. Josh was a kid. He made mistakes like many kids and confessed, sought help, turned to God and has had a productive adult life. 

Kayla Willemkens: Praying for your family. I love the show and hope it doesn't get cancelled over this. I praise Josh for coming forward about it after it happened and for the family for getting him help. True Christ believers will forgive and unfortunately there are many who will believe everything that comes out about this regardless if it's truth or not. I continue to support this family and their show.

It is becoming clearer to me why there is so much physical and sexual abuse in Christian households. All the perpetrators have to do is "repent," and their victims have to shut the hell up, because their God has told them to.

It will be interesting to see what happens next.

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