Friday, May 22, 2015

Craft night. 

 My friend Mike came over and we went to Rosa's for supper. Then we returned to my estate and made decorated sugar cookies.

First I had him pick out cookie cutters. Then I showed Mike how to roll out the dough and we filled three trays with cookies. The third tray was half-burnt when I took them out, but we still had about two dozen cookies to decorate.


While the cookies were baking and cooling, we made a simple frosting with powdered sugar, vanilla, and lemon juice. Then we colored six batches (along with an uncolored white batch), and put the frosting in plastic baggies to squeeze out. 


Mike said it had been years since he had made sugar cookies.


We had a good time and were quite creative.

Mike made the "Bacon" pig cookie.

I like my zebra and turtle cookies.

Afterward I helped Mike with his family tree. Discovered that Italians can be difficult to trace. It was a fun night. I need to have more craft nights.

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