Saturday, June 20, 2015

Last Saturday we played pool volleyball. I made a white cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and strawberry buttercream filling. Everyone really liked it.

The guys.

Third week of the dig. I worked last Sunday with Dan and by Thursday we completed stripping the site. The various pits and postholes are marked in white paint.


Along the north side we found a well. The upper fill was broken bricks. Dan dug below and found trash-filled earth, containing a lot of broken crockery (unusual for Arizona), dishes, and some other junk. 

Upper portion of well filled with bricks.

Nearby is a long, rectangular pit that contains a lot of artifacts (but mostly nails and tin can pieces). Tyler did find a really cool stoneware ink bottle with a preserved paper label.

Carter's Writing Fluid.

Tyler was also digging another pit and found a cat burial.


In other news, SO HOT! It was above 104 all week, peaking at 108 or so. Nasty. I could not believe how much I sweated.

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