Monday, June 29, 2015

Well my excavation went well. We had a press day on Wednesday and I appeared on live television three times and did not make any major flubs.

Among the things we found during the last week was a dog burial. We located quite about three dogs and probably a dozen cats. And lots of dead chickens.


I made a nectarine shortbread from Martha Stewart's Living magazine. It was delicious and fattening.

17 tablespoons of butter.

And then it was Friday, June 26th. Hey, the second anniversary of being made single! And I checked my phone and discovered that the Supremes had decided that us gay folks should be equal. What a lovely sentiment. I decided to go home to celebrate.

Waiting for the street car.

A rainbow hung above Tucson. 


I ended up hanging out with a friend and had a lot of gin and tonics. It was a great night to be gay.

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