Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I haven't been back to Michigan in the fall since 1987. I went back to see the family. Mother wants to live in her own house, but can't because she is too frail and other problems. She has a nice woman come 10 hours a week to do things with her. She is living with my older sister and brother-in-law. Eventually she will have to go into an assisted living place. The trees were gorgeous.

My other sister's front yard.

I went over and hung out with mother and her helper, Desiree. We went on walks and I collected leaves.

Winter is coming.

We went to visit my namesake's grave. He has been dead for 62 years.


One night a beautiful rainbow lit up the sky. I had been cooking supper for Susan and called her to look at it.


Traverse City has changed. They tore down my great great grandfather's house to put up an ugly building. The downtown is losing its historic character, replaced by tall modern brick things.


New apartment buildings across from Grandma's old house. The McGill house torn down. The trees taller than I remember. Grandma's house painted bright red (it was always a pale green or white). I guess I am getting older.

I left on Saturday morning to head south to go see Brodie.

It was snowy at times.

At the Canadian border, the hot border agent grilled me on why I was going, whether I owned a gun, how I knew Brodie. It was ridiculous. I got there and we hung out.

Breakfast at Cora's.

We made the unfortunate mistake of going to Toronto, not realizing that there was a marathon being run by enthusiastic runners. We were trapped in traffic for hours, with the gas running out of the rental jeep. Somehow we survived.

Homer and Brodie.

It was nice having a few days of actual vacation while on vacation. I drove and flew back Monday and now I am sooooo tired. I need a post-vacation, vacation!

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