Sunday, March 20, 2016

I made Better Homes and Garden sugar cookies and added the zest of one lemon.

Lemony sugar cookies.

The frosting was just powdered sugar and lemon juice. Mark helped mix up the pastel colors. I put the bottles of decorating sugars and jimmies out.

Couldn't find toothpicks, so matches had to do.

The frosting was almost perfect, and we squeezed it out of the corner of baggies onto the cookies.

Mark decorating.

Buddy visited with us. He got to eat two broken cookies and was very happy about that.

Buddy and the freshly scrubbed floor.

I need to get some egg-shaped cookie cutters. I tried cutting some out by hand, not successful.

One plate.

I think overall we were successful and had a good time.

1840s platter with 2016 cookies.

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