Wednesday, March 09, 2016

I'm out monitoring some trenching on a portion of a historic block downtown. The old fire insurance maps should the transformation of the block from having a few houses to becoming the location of two boarding houses/hotels built in the early 1900s. The foundations of one of these buildings lies on top of a soil mining pit, where dirt was removed to make adobe bricks. The pit was later filled in with a lot of trash (the pit was about two meters deep).

It rained Monday night/Tuesday morning and when I got to the block I noticed something white in the trench backdirt. I pulled it out and found a small bud vase. It is porcelain, hand-painted, probably made in Europe. The bottom has "135" scratched into the porcelain and "54" in gold paint.

Bud vases were used for one or two short flowers, like a single rose head. You have to wonder why this one was thrown away.

Bud vase.

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