Thursday, August 11, 2016

Last day of the dig. I convinced Mike to let me dig the other half of this pit structure (see June 24th entry). A backhoe was used to strip away the overburden until some pottery was found. This morning I worked with Jenny, Mike, Chris, and Tyler to finish excavating the house. The pottery turned out to be four plainware storage jars. The other artifacts lying on the floor were a small grinding stone and two cores (leftover rocks from which flakes have been knocked off.

 As Mike was removing a cluster of sherds from the floor, he started finding charcoal-filled postholes. These turned out to be in a circular pattern, probably a granary structure inside the house. I've only dug one other granary in a Hohokam pit structure, so it was fun to see this one.

Tortolita phase house, circa A.D. 500 to 700.

Now that the dig is done, I'm in the office working on the analysis of artifacts from the New Mexico dig and finishing some other stuff. Next project is a huge survey in northern Arizona, starting sometime in September.

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