Monday, August 08, 2016

What were the skies like when you were in New Mexico? They were blue and filled with little fluffy clouds.

I  drove back to Santa Fe to attend an Hispanic genealogy conference. I had been begged to give a presentation, and eventually I have in. It takes about eight hours to get to Santa Fe from my house. And that includes stopping at almost every rest stop because of my thimble-sized bladder.

The sky.

I stopped in Hatch and had lunch at the Pepper Pot Cafe (cash only!), which I highly recommend.

Green chile grilled cheese and onion rings.

I stayed at the Silver Saddle Motel. It is filled with western-themed art, an old-fashioned place where you have an actual room key to open your room. At $75 a night, it was worth it. My only complaint are the walls are a bit thin and yesterday at 6:00 AM I got to hear the neighbors copulating.

I had supper three nights in a row at El Comal. I enjoyed all three meals. The best was Saturday night.

Veggie combo.

I posted a picture on Facebook saying I was in New Mexico, and blogger Stevie commented that he was going to Santa Fe. So we arranged to meet for supper. His super cute roommate Mike was there as well, but I managed to forget to take his photo. It was really nice meeting and talking to Stevie, he was just as wonderful in person as I had guessed from reading his blog for a decade.

Bloggers Homer and Stevie.

I attended the conference, manned the book table and made some sales. On Sunday afternoon I gave my talk, which was very well received (and I knew it would be, I am a good public speaker).

This morning I hopped into the trusty Ford Focus and drove home, again stopping at almost every rest stop. I have to say, the ones in New Mexico are very clean.
Outside one of the rest stops.

And of course it is 100+ here in Tucson and I had to fix my swamp cooler and got all sweaty. Back to work finishing up the dig this week.

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