Thursday, August 04, 2016

The dig is winding down. The monsoon storms have been relentless, dumping water onto the site. The pit house depressions are filled with water, as are various trenches. In the morning, with the humidity above 50 percent, I instantly break out into sweat.

6:43 AM

Jenny and I dug a one meter by two meter control unit into an oval area of brown clay, apparently an ancient pond, perhaps dug to hold water for later irrigation. Once we dug through the wet dirt, it became very hard and I had to use a large pick axe. I was so tired. I'd pick a little, then sit on the bucket while Jenny shoveled the loose dirt into the screen. Not a huge number of artifacts, but I did find a nice, large polychrome sherd. These typically date to after A.D. 1300.

Tomorrow I drive back to Santa Fe for a genealogy conference. I am giving a talk on Sunday on the archaeology of a Mexican family. I'm going to go to The Pepper Pot in Hatch and El Comal in Santa Fe for New Mexican food. It will be a nice escape from the heat. 

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