Friday, January 20, 2017

It rained in Tucson today. I had to get up early to set up two tents at the Park. I came home and worked on a genealogical problem. Took Mother to India Oven for lunch, she enjoyed the food although the chick peas were too hot. Afterward we went way across town to Bookman's so she could find one of her Brother Cadfael books (I need to find the 21st one for her). Back home I took a nap, then worked on the genealogy problem some more. Poor Luella- six of her seven children died in childhood because she was a lousy religious fanatic who didn't believe in doctors. Then I made cheesy gluten-free biscuits and some vegetarian baked beans for supper. She is busy reading another mystery book.

I did not watch the Inauguration. I have tried to avoid the news. It is just tiresome. People noticed that the first things scrubbed from the Whitehouse website were the pages on climate change and LGBT civil rights. I'm guessing Pence had something to do with that.

Who knows what the next two or four years will bring. Wonder if archaeologists will have jobs. We are expendable- get in the way of developers and energy folks, also education and science stuff is going to be targeted, because lord knows we wouldn't want brainy people in Amerika.

My protest was to give $50 to the ACLU. We are going to need them.

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