Friday, January 13, 2017

Mother brought me this card that was filled out at the hospital after I was born (via C-section), I don't remember ever seeing it.

8:18 AM, I suppose they wheeled her into the operating room at about 8:00 AM. My mother and father had different blood types (father A+, mother A-) and mother's immune system was busy trying to kill me off, so I was taken out early to get a transfusion of delightful A+ blood.

Front of card.

My wee footprint is 3-inches-long. I wear a size 11 shoe nowadays, my feet have gotten longer and wider as I have grown older. Recently I gave to charity a pair of penny loafers I got in 1987, in great condition, that were impossibly tight.

Back of card.

Someone sent me a lovely bow tie from my Amazon wish list. Thank you, whoever it was (no name on the stuff inside). I appreciate the occasional present!

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