Saturday, January 28, 2017

Well so far Trump has targeted women, Mexicans, immigrants, and Muslims. So I guess next week it will be the turn for LGBT people. He is going to nominate an anti-gay Supreme Court justice who will vote for the next 30 or 40 years against my civil rights.

I loathed George H. W. Bush. I disliked Ronald Reagan. I hate Donald Trump. To put it mildly. I don't like hate, it is a wasted emotion. But I do hate him. And the people who voted for him, I guess I pretty much hate them too. The interactions with them usually end up with them calling me names. For some reason Buttercup and Snowflake are popular. Trump supporters seem to fall into two categories (which often overlap): 1). the white supremacists who fear anyone who isn't white, straight, male, and Christian, and 2), the profoundly stupid who think everything Trump says is the truth. I guess there is a third category, those who genuinely want to see our government toppled. Good luck on that.

I probably already said this, but I gave $50 to the ACLU. I hope they sue the fuck out of the monster who is in charge of the country.

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