Wednesday, February 01, 2017

I missed the Women's March in Tucson a few weeks ago because I had to give a talk that day. Yesterday was a protest outside the Federal Courthouse in response to Trump's ban on immigration from seven Muslim majority countries.

 I dressed up (I always wear a tie to protests!) and made a sign and went down. After a while, co-workers Jenny and Jane showed up, I did not know they were coming.

Jenny, Jane, and I.

There were probably over 1,000 people. We had a good time, as cars drove by people honked their horns and waved at us. A few people flipped us off. I blew kisses and one angry man shouting at us, I don't think he appreciated that.

My sign.

Did we accomplish anything? I don't know. It is important to not remain silent in these awful times. 

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