Saturday, July 08, 2017

The summer continues. Fires up on Mount Lemmon, hellish heat. At night I spend a few hours on the couch in front of the little window AC unit. The cats come and sit next to me. Poor little Puff is so skinny and he demands I sleep on my right side so he had use my arm as a pillow. If I don't, he cries loudly. I don't get much sleep lately.

The Fourth of July was on a Tuesday. I made vanilla ice cream. Then climbed up on the guesthouse roof and watched the explosions of the city-fired fireworks and the ones my neighbors were lighting. So many loud booms.


Afterward, I took the ice cream next door to Pete and Rose's and they and their friends enjoyed it. 

Now it is the weekend and my house is hot. Have to figure out something to do to cool off. 

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