Tuesday, November 14, 2017

 We headed north a fourth time. The first day in Payson and the second in Strawberry. Three sites each.

 Tyler, Mike, and Connie.

We then headed back to Young. The day after Puff died we stopped at the Cherry Creek Store and there were these little dogs running around. I picked one up, and then the other two ran over. It was so soothing having these little bundles of energy crawling over me, licking my face.


Tromping through the woods, past juniper, pinon pine, agave, the dreaded cat claw, and bear grass. Fewer sites in the areas we examined. Scary cliffs in some places. Hills to climb up and gullies to cross.

Bear grass.

I had brought along two wreath frames and Connie, Tyler, and I made wreaths. Tyler was amazed at how crafty we were.

Pinon pine, two types of juniper, and manzanita. 

Connie's wreath was mostly juniper with its bright blue berries.

Working on the wreath.


Mine was a mixture of pinon and juniper.

I'm going to add some pine cones and large holiday light bulbs.

We were unable to complete the area, have to go back for a few more days surveying.

Tyler, Mike, and Connie looking off into the distance.

We had a lot of fun- one night we played cards and watched horrid 1950s videos on Youtube. We also worked very hard. My legs are rather muscular now. Too bad my belly is so big too.

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