Wednesday, February 12, 2020

I haven't decided who to vote for in the Democratic primary here in Arizona next month. However, I do know the one candidate I will not vote for in the primary- Bernie Sanders? Why? Because his followers include many horrible people.

Someone on Facebook posted something denigrating one of the other candidates. I suggested that maybe it would be a better thing not to do so- that we should focus on defeating Trump. Then the nastiness started. I discovered that I was "privileged." That I needed psychological counseling. That I was suffering from "masculine fragility" and that person provided a purportedly helpful video link that was supposed to educate me on that issue. I eventually deleted the comment and unfriended the person who left the original post. His friends were really nasty.

Then someone else described Pete Butigieg as being immoral and a psychopath, linking to an article in some magazine (Current Affairs? I can't remember). I looked up what other articles the author had published. Surprise, he is a Sanders supporter. The other articles denigrate the other Democratic candidates- apparently Elizabeth Warren isn't progressive enough or maybe she can't win because she is a woman, I confess to not reading it. Only Saint Sanders can win. When I pointed out that the author was a Sanders supporter, that Facebook friend was nasty. So I unfriended him. Also unfriended the person who wanted a Sanders-Gabbard ticket and was full-on nasty about everyone else.

I really don't understand the whole Trump cult thing or the Sanders cult thing or the worship of any political candidate. Yes, I liked Obama, and even gave him money. But I never thought he was perfect and I never felt the need to be nasty about Hillary Clinton back in 2008.

Anyways, Matt made a suggestion- don't go on Facebook. Matt is wise. I haven't been on there in three days and my mental health has improved.

So now the big question, who to vote for?

And if Sanders gets the nomination, yes I will vote him, despite the actions of his cult members.

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