Sunday, March 07, 2021

Buddy Cat came to lived with me in 2018 after Mummy died. He quickly decided living at my house was pretty nice, lots of delicious wet food given to him when he started meowing in the early morning. The last week he seemed off, finally stopped eating and started panting. I took him to the emergency vet on March 2 and they found that he had fluid around his lungs and that he probably had cancer. So he had to be put down. I cried all the way home. Matt came and helped me dig a hole next to Mama Cat and Joey's graves. He was so nice to me.

Last photo, February 23rd, before he got sick.

I'm still out digging pit houses. I found this beautiful sherd, Middle Rincon I phase.


So the pandemic continues. In Arizona, the governor is being stupid and the legislature is a nightmare (we didn't wear masks during the AIDS pandemic, so we shouldn't have to wear them now says the representative from Scottsdale).

I wrote a letter to the newspaper complaining about who is getting priority for vaccination.

Letter (you can click on it to enlarge).

On Tuesday, while I was at the vet, my neighbor Rose came home and found a little white puppy crying next to her recycling bin. Somebody had abandoned him .Matt was sitting on my porch and told me how cute it was. On Thursday I got to go over to their backyard and see little Eddy. 


Pete's brother is apparently going to adopt him. He has sharp teeth, you can see on my hand where he chewed on me.


I don't think Clyde Kitty would like having that puppy in my house.



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