Wednesday, April 14, 2021

I received my second Pfizer vaccination on April 7th. I have had a rash and the last two days very itchy hives, but I do not know if the hives are related. Anyways, on the 21st I will have reached the two week mark and will be safe from Covid-19. Matt is a week ahead of me. Most of my friends are vaccinated now, either first or second shot. I am glad that we have survived.

When Matt comes over Ruby is all over him.

Ruby's boyfriend Matt.

My egret painting has been framed and now hangs in the living room. It is ridiculous, but I really like it.


Matt came over for Egg Day lunch. I made a quiche, salad, and peas.

Table. I need to reupholster the chair.

Cheesey-asparagus quiche.

Egg Day decorations.

I'm still out digging. The site dates to the Hohokam pre-Classic era. I keep digging things that turn out to be something different from what I expected. Twice the house I am excavating ends up being a canal. 


The current feature I'm digging is almost certainly a house. The top layer contained a huge amount of trash- two shopping bags of ceramics. Some fun stuff has come out.

Shell pendant and shell lizard (ca. AD 850-1100).

Pretty decorated sherd.

The last two days I have been digging in very silty dirt. I come home coated with it.


Clyde Kitty likes to scratch at the door to let me know when he wants to come in or go out. He wakes me up in the middle of the night. I am so tired right now from digging and lack of sleep.

Clyde Kitty and Snowball.


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