Sunday, July 18, 2021

Twice toads have shown up on my front porch at night. I wonder whether these are the toads I rescued years ago during an archaeological project. I am worried that Ruby would bother them, so I put them in a box and take them over to the Santa Cruz River, stumbling down the path. Down at the river, there are lots of toads and frogs calling out, I hope the two I took down there are enjoying a much better habitat.

Sonoran Desert Toad.

The monsoon season has started and a couple of pink lilies appeared. They always surprise me.

Pink lily.

Towards the end of June it was Doug's birthday so I handed him my American Cake cookbook and he picked out Sister Sadie's Honey Cake. I made cupcakes. There were absolutely delicious and Doug really enjoyed them.

Honey cupcakes.

In early July I drove to New Mexico and taught a lecture on historical archaeology.

Allen waves hello.

After the lecture I sat on the front porch and sipped tequila. I got a little tipsy. I bought this horrible air mattress with a non-functioning air pump. So I ended up sleeping on the ground inside my new enormous tent. Uncomfortable!

I made Martha Stewart's rhubarb crisp. It was delicious.

Rhubarb crisp.

So last year was the year without pools since Matt and I were isolating. Well this year we are vaccinated and all of our friends are vaccinated, so we have been in three different pools. So nice.

Pool time.

At home, Clyde is spending more time inside than outside, but still hasn't figured out how to use the little box. He goes to the door and paws at it to let me know when he needs to go out. He and Snowball are mostly friends.

Clyde and Snowball.

On Friday I decided to stay at home and do projects. The front windows and door need to be repainted, so I went to Ace and got materials. Already had the paint, although when I opened it I discovered that it had separated and even after mixing didn't work as well as I would like. Anyways, I taped the windows (tedious), and then painted twice. 



I still have to do the door. I was going to it this morning, but it has been raining. The thunder scared poor Ruby, she is hiding under my chair right now.

The pandemic continues and the idiots refusing to be vaccinated because they read something on the internet or saw a YouTube video or Fox "News" are busy getting sick and some are dying. Ridiculous. I no longer feel sorry for them. It would be better if the anti-vaxxers would just catch Covid and get it over with. Fewer Republicans? Darn. Hard for me to comprehend why Fox News is killing and causing permanent disabilities to so many of their viewers, but I guess all of the voter restriction laws are an attempt to solve the reduced Republican voter numbers. 


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