Sunday, April 18, 2021

We journeyed north to Casa Grande to go see Casa Grande National Monument, only to discover it was closed on Sundays. So instead we went to the Rooster Cogburn place near Picacho Peak.

What a horror. Despite signs telling people to wear a mask, many were not. I felt sorry for the workers being exposed to whatever those disease vectors were spreading.

They give you blue plastic cups with green pellets, a think of sugar syrup, and some coins to get feed for chickens, rabbits, and ducks. Also a little stick coated with seeds for the parakeets. The parakeets enjoyed this immensely.


Many of the other animals- the fallow deer, sheep, and goats looked miserable. Especially the goats, one group of which were stuck in this raised cage thing. Another group were sticking their heads out of openings begging for food.

In contrast, the ostriches seemed to be enjoying themselves, eagerly grabbing pellets out of your hands.


The lorikeets take the lids off the little plastic containers and drink the sugar syrup. They seemed healthy and tame, and were quite pretty.

Matt and a lorikeet.

Afterward I came home, had a nap, played ball with Ruby, chatted with Mario on the phone, and now I am watching a Korean tv show on Netflix. Tomorrow I am back digging an Hohokam pit structure, hoping to get down to the floor and hopefully finding more interesting artifacts.


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

I received my second Pfizer vaccination on April 7th. I have had a rash and the last two days very itchy hives, but I do not know if the hives are related. Anyways, on the 21st I will have reached the two week mark and will be safe from Covid-19. Matt is a week ahead of me. Most of my friends are vaccinated now, either first or second shot. I am glad that we have survived.

When Matt comes over Ruby is all over him.

Ruby's boyfriend Matt.

My egret painting has been framed and now hangs in the living room. It is ridiculous, but I really like it.


Matt came over for Egg Day lunch. I made a quiche, salad, and peas.

Table. I need to reupholster the chair.

Cheesey-asparagus quiche.

Egg Day decorations.

I'm still out digging. The site dates to the Hohokam pre-Classic era. I keep digging things that turn out to be something different from what I expected. Twice the house I am excavating ends up being a canal. 


The current feature I'm digging is almost certainly a house. The top layer contained a huge amount of trash- two shopping bags of ceramics. Some fun stuff has come out.

Shell pendant and shell lizard (ca. AD 850-1100).

Pretty decorated sherd.

The last two days I have been digging in very silty dirt. I come home coated with it.


Clyde Kitty likes to scratch at the door to let me know when he wants to come in or go out. He wakes me up in the middle of the night. I am so tired right now from digging and lack of sleep.

Clyde Kitty and Snowball.


Sunday, March 21, 2021

They opened Covid-19 vaccination to people 55+ a couple of weeks ago. I called and got an appointment for April 15th. Last Monday I received a call and was asked if I wanted to change my appointment and I did. So I drove to the Kino Sports Complex last Wednesday. It took about an hour from start to finish. I received trhe Pfizer vaccine.

Waiting for vaccine.

The next day around 10:45 AM, while out digging, I started to feel weird- could not concentrate and kept making mistakes. So I came home and went to bed for a while.

When I got up I made a yellow cake with nutella filling and chocolate frosting. It was Matt's 44th birthday. I took it over along with his presents- a Singer sewing machine and a variety of cloth and sewing goods. I look forward to him sewing me elaborate outfits.

Matt's cake.

I confess, the cake wasn't the best I have ever made. I blame it on the side effects of the vaccine. I am scheduled for my second vaccine on April 7th, I already feel a sense of relief, no longer having to fear that I am going to die from Covid.


Sunday, March 07, 2021

Buddy Cat came to lived with me in 2018 after Mummy died. He quickly decided living at my house was pretty nice, lots of delicious wet food given to him when he started meowing in the early morning. The last week he seemed off, finally stopped eating and started panting. I took him to the emergency vet on March 2 and they found that he had fluid around his lungs and that he probably had cancer. So he had to be put down. I cried all the way home. Matt came and helped me dig a hole next to Mama Cat and Joey's graves. He was so nice to me.

Last photo, February 23rd, before he got sick.

I'm still out digging pit houses. I found this beautiful sherd, Middle Rincon I phase.


So the pandemic continues. In Arizona, the governor is being stupid and the legislature is a nightmare (we didn't wear masks during the AIDS pandemic, so we shouldn't have to wear them now says the representative from Scottsdale).

I wrote a letter to the newspaper complaining about who is getting priority for vaccination.

Letter (you can click on it to enlarge).

On Tuesday, while I was at the vet, my neighbor Rose came home and found a little white puppy crying next to her recycling bin. Somebody had abandoned him .Matt was sitting on my porch and told me how cute it was. On Thursday I got to go over to their backyard and see little Eddy. 


Pete's brother is apparently going to adopt him. He has sharp teeth, you can see on my hand where he chewed on me.


I don't think Clyde Kitty would like having that puppy in my house.



Sunday, February 28, 2021

I've been busy working on a dig, it is cold in the morning but by lunch time it warms up.

Occasionally wildlife appears. Greg found this little snake, the same type that the roadrunner ate a while ago. Greg moved it to a safe location.

Banded sand snake.

I was digging elsewhere when out popped out a three-inch-long scorpion. It was not happy to see me, rearing his stinger up. I did not kill ir, sent it on its way.


Out at the dig site a few interesting artifacts are showing up.

Bone arrowhead.

The Hohokam made beautiful pottery, grinding hematite into a powder, mixing that with water, using a paintbrush to apply the paint onto pots in carefully drawn designs.

Hohokam pottery.

At home, Ruby and Clyde are having fun playing with each other. It is starting to warm up, but I leave the heater on in the living room for Buddy Cat, who at age 16 is getting old and skinny. He still likes to hang out with me at my desk, waiting patiently to lick some milk out of my cereal bowl.

Ruby keeping warm.

This weekend I felt sad, something reminded me of my mother. Poor Matt had to deal with me being depressed.


Wednesday, February 17, 2021

I laughed when I heard that Rush Limbaugh had died. He was evil, pure evil. I wish I believed in Hell, because if there was a Hell that piece of shit would be burning right now. 

Saturday, February 06, 2021

Everyday I feel more peaceful. It is amazing not to be embarrassed by some stupid thing the President and his horrible staff were dreaming up, tweeting, lying... The competence of President Biden and his team is wonderful. Imagine, the people he is appointing actually want to do a good job and be helpful! Amazing.

The pandemic is still raging, but slowly people are being vaccinated. I think here in Pima County something like 12 or 13 percent of the population have gotten at least one shot. Archaeologists are considered essential workers, but I am going to wait until Matt and I can go together. In the meantime, I am being very careful, wearing two masks in public 

I need a gas dryer, mine has died. So I stopped by the Habitat for Humanity store. They did not have any, but I did see a plate with fruit on them, 75 cents. It is now on my kitchen wall. While standing in line (double masked, socially distanced), the woman in front of me had an interesting painting. At the cash register a woman was busy chatting with the worker for a long time. Eventually the woman in front of me sighed and announced she had had enough. She took the painting back and left. I wandered over and looked for it, admired it, and paid $10 for it. Once I get some wire, it will join my picture gallery.

The painting. And the plate Matt got me for Holiday, with an embroidered cloth that I got somewhere.

The guest house fridge died so Doug and I went to Lowes and I ordered a new fridge. The covid fridge I bought last year around April when my fridge died, which was way too small, went into the guest house and today the guys from Lowes brought the new one. It is huge compared to that one, barely fit in the space. SO MUCH ROOM. IT had been a struggle for the last 10 months to put anything in the covid fridge (which was the only one available at that time I bought it).

The new fridge.

Tonight I am watching the Celebrating America show that aired on January 20th. I confess to tearing up at times. I have hope again.

Monday, February 01, 2021

Well that was a month.  I watched the Inauguration at work, the next few weeks I felt like I have PTSD. No more stupid tweets. No more horrible policies. Still have a couple of vile congress-women.

I'm out working on a dig. Last week it was cold and it snowed, lots of it in the mountains.

Hunter digging with the sow in the Catalina Mountains.

Found some interesting things. Some of the pottery is painted.


I am in the office a few days a week writing and I sometimes catch a movement out of the corner of my eye. A bobcat or a coyote will walk by, sometimes I tap on the window and they stop and I get a photo.


At home, Buddy Cat and Snowball like to sit in front of the radiator heater, absorbing warmth.

Snowball and Buddy Cat.

Yesterday Matt came over and I showed him how to make lemon curd. we used the Meyer lemons from my tree.

Matt zesting lemons.

We used Martha Stewart's recipe- sugar, egg yolks, salt, butter, lemon juice, and lemon zest. YUM!

Lemon curd.

Today at work a roadrunner walked over close to where I was working, a little strange. Suddenly it ran over and poked its beak into the ground and pulled out a baby snake and ran off. Crazy!


I got banned on Facebook for telling a nasty woman she was racist trash. Her Facebook feed was a mess of racist garbage, but apparently Facebook is fine with hate speech if conservative people post it. Can't wait for that company to be broken up.


Thursday, January 07, 2021

Yesterday was crazy-crazy. I was out digging and checked JoeMyGod's blog and saw that all hell had broken out in DC. Not a surprise, this is what the Orange dipshit wanted. But it was a surprise just how bad it was. I wonder if this will be the end of Trumpism.

I purchased a painting on an online auction. On the other side is a drawing of a young man. I need to have it property framed. My living room walls are almost filled with paintings.


I bought one of those little laser lights that cats like to chase around. Well guess who is obsessed with it? Ruby loves running around the living room following the red light.

Crazy Ruby.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Last day of 2020. What a wretched year. The positive things- spending a lot of time with Matt, learning how to bake no-knead bread, having Clyde Kitty show up, and Biden winning the election. The negative things- pandemic, pandemic, pandemic. And yesterday Dawn Wells died. So sad, I've been a huge fan of Gilligan's Island since I was a little kid.

End of year selfie.


Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Holiday 2020 commenced. The living room and dining room were carefully decorated. The artificial flocked tree has vintage ornaments on it. 


Dinosaurs frolic amid pine trees in front of the telly.


On the Eastlake table is the red tree with figurative ornaments. A new one I purchased this year is a king on a camel.

Big Head Santa!

On the china cabinet farm animals frolic amid more trees.


In the corner of the dining room a cluster of Santas examine the silver tree decorated with various birds.

Santa ornithologists.

I made gingerbread cookies and decorated them the next night.


I made scalloped potatoes, an acorn squash, salad, and cranberry bread. For Holiday Eve supper. The next morning we opened presents. Matt got a JCRT plaid shirt, Martha Stewart's Entertaining book, and the Humans book. He got Ruby and the cats treats. Ruby was naughty and snapped at Buddy Cat and got yelled at.

Matt and Naughty Ruby.

I received a lovely vintage Mexican plate to hang up on the wall.


That night we watched Lawrence Welk's 1972 Christmas show.
Matt's place.

Later that night, a Holiday Miracle occurred and Clyde Kitty and Ruby snuggled up.


This morning, after undertaking some sensitive archaeology, I went to the office and happened to look out the window when a bobcat kitten wandered by.


I tapped on the window and it looked at me.


I went to tell other people and missed the second kitten and mama cat.

Tonight I came home and discovered Ruby had disemboweled another couch cushion. SIGH.



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