Tuesday, November 23, 2021

I made six fruit cakes. I soaked dried fruits in apricot and peach brandy. I used the Better Homes and Garden recipe, adding some extra spices and candied fruit. I gave one to Pete and Rose and Rose's parents and they really liked it.

Giant red Texasware bowl.

Three of the fruit cakes.

My Meyer lemon tree is loaded with fruit. I will have to make lemon  curd soon.

Meyer lemon.

I was bored so I started decorating. People made fun of my and feelings got hurt. I have never liked being criticized.

The vintage Erzgebirge angel orchestra and bottle brush trees that I got in the Holiday box for $6.00. On Ebay each of the angels goes for between $20 and $35. That was a score.


I gave two talks during opening week at the 1929 Pima County Courthouse. I wandered through the UA mineral museum. I like the glow-in-the-dark minerals.


I'm giving a public art tour in a couple of weeks. So Matt came over to walk the route with me. Of course when he comes over, Ruby goes crazy since he is her boyfriend.

Ruby and Matt.

The only time she is like that with me is in the morning, when she wants some cuddle time. Mostly she wants me to feed her and play fetch.



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