Thursday, May 05, 2022

This is my great grandfather Philip Feiger. He was the father of my maternal grandfather.

Philip Feiger

He was born in 1874 in Pittsburgh to Philip and Juliana (Krauth) Feiger. His father had worked in the steel rolling mills and moved to Michigan hoping to improve the lives of his family.

Philip was married to Grace Chandler in 1899. Grace was born in 1875 in Grand Traverse County, the daughter of David Green Chandler and Sarah DeEtte Pierce. I have her autograph book, pen, and a red glass shoe that belonged to her.

Grace Lee  Chandler.

The couple's first child Amy was born in February 1900. She died when she was 3 1/2 months old.

Amy's tombstone.

Byron was born in 1901 when Philip was Deputy Sheriff of Grand Traverse County and he and Grace lived on the top floor of the jail. His father-in-law David Chandler was the Sheriff.

David Green Chandler and Philip Feiger, circa 1902, in front of the Jail.

My grandfather Harold was born in 1904 and his brother Frederick in 1905

Byron, Frederick, and Harold. My grandfather hated this picture because he is wearing a dress and had a ribbon in his hair.

Daughter Bessie was born on 10 January 1907. The very next day little Frederick died. I can't imagine how horrible that must have been.

And then in August 1907, Philip died from septic peritonitis caused by his appendix bursting. Grace was left with three children under the age of seven to raise.

Philip's death certificate.

Grandpa and Grandma Feiger named their youngest son Phillip in honor of Harold's father. 

There was no money for a tombstone, Grace struggled to raise her family. She eventually married an older cousin. She was beset with health problems, including severe arthritis in her hands. She died from stomach cancer at age 54

Uncle Phillip died on April 24th at age 83.

The next day I got an email. The tombstone I had ordered last October for Philip and his son Frederick had been placed in the cemetery. I wish Uncle Phillip had lived to know about this. 


Eventually I need to purchase a couple more tombstones- one for my stillborn brother and another for a great-great grandmother who doesn't have one.


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