Friday, November 24, 2023

Day 10. Every morning I tromp up the mountain. Sometimes it is still dark and the sun is just starting to rise. Sometimes, like this morning, it was light outside.

There is a steep, shorter way or a longer, less steep way. I've been doing the steep side. I huff and puff.

Near the top.

I sometimes see people walking their dogs. I always say hello to both.

I often see animals- little birds hopping about, cottontails, coyotes (twice), a javelina, and deer (twice). Today I saw three deer. One of them stopped to stare at me.


Yesterday was Thanksgiving, not one of my favorite holidays. I made carrot-raisin salad, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes. Matt made vegetarian stuffing, green beans, and turkey (blech!). Sandy made deviled eggs. I also bought a pumpkin pie and a pecan pie, and made whipped cream. 

Doug, Sandy, Homer, and Carver (Matt took the picture).


Sunday, November 19, 2023

I went to an estate sale. The transferprint platters were already gone. But the painting wasn't. It was painted by a woman named Roberta Sharp from Texas. Other painting by her sell for between $350 and $1500. I paid $20.

Roberta Sharp Painting.

The doctor prescribed me the new wonder drug Ozempic to lower my blood sugar. In the three and a half weeks since my blood sugar is down from the 130s to 99. I have also lost nine pounds.

Matt has been urging me to get more exercise. So I have started going up to Sentinel Peak each morning. 3.4 miles round trip. 

At the top.

One day I saw a javelina. The poor thing was limping.


Yesterday morning I went very early.


I have been challenged to do this 90 days in a row.


Sunday, November 12, 2023

Finally. I got to spend a day digging, although I found nothing real. Lesley dug most of a roasting pit. 813 fire-cracked rocks in the excavated portion. Will be interesting to see what the radiocarbon date is, we found no pottery.

Lesley digging. Fire-cracked rocks piled up on left.

I taught a floral crown class at the Presidio. The participants had a great time. Also gave a talk about saloons and two cemetery tours. Plus made an offrenda.

Floral crown participants.

It is that time of year. I made gingerbread and sugar cookies.

Cookies. All decorated by me.

The All Souls Procession Party was nice, people enjoyed themselves. I made chili, an enchilada casserole, chips and green chili salsa. And cookies. Sandy made cemetery cupcakes and Matt made cornbread. 

Homer, Offrenda, and Matt.

Allen doing John's makeup.

Ginger and Kate, I made the floral crowns.

Homer (untucked), Helen, and Jeff.

The Procession was a block from my house. Seemed shorter than usual. The best thing was the Hari Krishna human-pulled float with an enormous pagoda rising (and close to the power lines).

On Tuesday morning Francisco, next-door-neighbor, came to the door to tell me the car window was broken. I went out. Yup. When I opened the door I saw the steering column torn open. They were trying to steal the car. Apparently there is a video floating around showing how easy it is to steal Hyundais. So I have an over-sized Nissan Altima rental and I have to park in my driveway and lock the gate,

What a mess.

Yesterday I went to an estate sale. The two transferprint platters were gone, but there was the fun painting. I purchased it for $20. Turns out it was painted by a woman named Roberta Sharp (d. 2013) from Texas. Other works of hers are for sale for from $350 to $1500. Pleased!

Roberta Sharp painting.

I made nine fruit cakes today, Robert helped. It smelled so good. Then I made air fryer eggplant mozzarella. I am eating it as I type this entry.

I am on Ozempic, which is supposed to lower my blood sugar levels. Also makes you lose weight. Down five pounds the first week. Will I be able to fit into those shirts and pants again?

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