Sunday, December 31, 2023

Last day. So 2023 is almost over. Today Matt and I went shoe shopping and ended up purchasing matching sneakers. Will the trend continue? Afterward a gross meal at IHOP, where they no longer make grilled cheese sandwiches. Won't be going back.

Highlights of 2023:

- turning 60 in Pompeii
- getting engaged to Matt in Rome
- spending time with my Amish brother
- finishing a couple of books
- having an article accepted for American Ancestors magazine
- three successful parties
- healthier!

Lowlights of 2023:

- car being broken into (it truly is cursed)
- catching Covid
- work has been pretty dull
- Snowball's incessant meowing in the middle of the night 

End of the year selfie with Clyde

What will 2024 bring? Stay tuned...


Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Can you have too many holiday decorations?  Let's find out?

I had my annual Holiday Cookie Decorating Party on Sunday. I decorated the dining room, living room, and my bedroom. Click an image to make them larger.

Dining room:

Erzgebirge angel choir. 

Red tree with felt ornaments, made by my mother and sister Susan.

1940s Holiday cards

Giant Santa head that Mother gave me.

Living room:

Flocked tree with Shiny Brite ornaments.

Santa and his moose.

Ceramic and one beaded tree. The pink one doesn't light up, unfortunately.

The 1968 Nylint house trailer I got for my birthday from Ace Hardware.

The main tree with mostly modern vintage looking ornaments. 

The bedroom:

IKEA tree with home-made ornaments.

White tree with crocheted or tatted balls.

Creepy Santa.


Homer-made luminarias.

I baked about 140 sugar and gingerbread cookies and made 4 pounds worth of powdered sugar and lemon icing, which I colored and put in bags. 

Ryan, Jeffrey, Shannon, and Amelia decorating.


Matt displaying more cookies. 

I served chili, corn casserole (popular!), chips with dips and salsa, a fruitcake, and a chocolate mayonnaise cake with cranberry filling and Nutella cream cheese frosting on top. Also Homer-made eggnog.

We all had a good time and it was nice to see people I don't often get to see. 91-year-old Ann was the highlight, she loves how I decorate.


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