Thursday, February 29, 2024

Spring has arrived. It is warming up and raining a lot.

A couple of Saturdays ago I said let's go to Saguaro Park West Unit. We stopped at the visitor center and I gave the staff a bag of lemons. The woman was very happy.

We found a spot to hike and wandered along a trail. Matt is going on a big Grand Canyon hike and wants to get in better shape.

Saguaro Park West Unit.

Last weekend we went to the rodeo. People watched, rodeo watched. Rodeo bull and horse riders are insane. They had 4-year-old kids riding sheep.

Matt, Carver, and Homer.

Today we did a proposal presentation for a big project that has little actual in-the-ground archaeology. But lots of historical research. Will we get it? Stay tuned.

Thursday, February 15, 2024

I made sugar cookies using Martha Stewart's recipe. I added Meyer lemon zest for one batch and orange zest for the other, both picked off my and the neighbor's trees (you really couldn't taste the difference.

The frosting was just powdered sugar and Meyer lemon juice. The bags of frosting kept opening up, it made a terrible mess, but I got the decorating done.


Last night Matt came over and we had a Valentine's Day dinner and afterwards he ate a lot of the cookies. My co-workers got the rest and they quickly disappeared.

It was a nice evening after yet another day of exciting report comments from reviewers. 

Friday, February 09, 2024

 Archaeology used to be fun. I mostly did excavation projects on mostly historic period sites. I managed crews excavating interesting things (buildings, wells, outhouse pits, trash-filled pits, etc.). I would analyze the historic artifacts. Research the people and buildings. And write interesting reports. Often I would give public talks about the work (I still do, but for old projects or for solely historical research I have done).

Lately archaeology has been less fun. Much less fun. I walk along portions of Interstate highways. "Oh look another urine-filled bottle." I watch trenches being dug for utilities. And then I write boring reports.

And wait for the comments. You try to write a perfect report, and the people reviewing the reports find new things to comment about. Sometimes these are new policies that have been enacted since the report was written since it can take months for the review to take place. Or the reviewers have information about something that they didn't bother to tell you about. Or the "area of potential effect" changes. Or they want additional information that requires maps to be altered or more historical research.

Recently I was called unprofessional by a reviewer. In that case citing a city's historical website was deemed unprofessional. 

So anyways, archaeology isn't much fun anymore. I get more satisfaction doing genealogical research.

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