Monday, April 01, 2024

Back in 2009 a little furry white and red kitten showed up in my backyard.

Homer and Snowball, 2009

My mother named the kitten. It was a male but always acted like a female, so I called Snowball a "her." 

The first few years she ran around the house like crazy. Mama Cat, Puff, and Joey hated her. Later on, when only Puff was left, he made peace with Snowball and they became friends. After mother died, I brought Buddy Cat back and they became friends too.

The last couple of weeks Snowball's body gave out. Stopped eating. Just huddled in place. Still wanted to sleep with her head on my shoulder. I called a vet this morning to come help things and when I moved Snowball to a blanket in the living room, she just suddenly died.

I wrapped her in a blanket inside a pillow case and buried her near Joey, Buddy Cat, and Mama Cat. I will miss my little friend.

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